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Comprehensive Property Insurance Solutions

Our goal is to protect your family assets. Whether you rent your home, own your house, condominium or have a rental property, Property Insurance is a must. It provides protection for your building, contents and liability insurance. Not all property policies are the same, let us know if you have jewellery, fine art, sports equipment or collectibles. We can provide coverage for homes, condominiums, cottages or seasonal properties, rental properties and for tenants that rent apartments or houses.

Property policies started out as “fire” policies, but today water-related damage occurs more frequently. This has caused the water protection coverage to evolve. There is now a wide range of limits, deductibles and type of coverages available. Call us to discuss the coverage that is right for you.


For information on Business Property Insurance, see Business Insurance.


Personal Umbrella Coverage

This is a cost-effective way of increasing your liability limit when you have multiple vehicles and/or properties. It is also an excellent idea for individuals that volunteer in the community or sit on non-profit, or condominium Board of Directors. An umbrella policy can increase the limits on your auto, home, watercraft and cottage policies as well as provide additional personal liability coverage.

Cottage Insurance

Is your cottage more like a "home away from home" or a rustic cabin? Either way, we can provide insurance for your cottage or seasonal residence, depending on the location and frequency of use. We have a range of policy options, from basic policies up to the same level of protection as your home policy. We can also provide coverage for others.

Watercraft Insurance

Enjoy your time on the water, whether you spend your summer fishing on your boat, jet skiing in the harbour or cruising the Great Lakes, we can protect your personal watercraft so you can have a worry-free summer. Contact us to discuss potential coverage options.

Remember that Ontario has new requirements for pleasure craft. To learn more, check The Safe Boating Guide.

Protect Your Greatest Investment

We know no one wants to spend their own money on rebuilding or repairing their home after a loss.

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